M83 Collaborator Morgan Kibby Announces Debut LP as White Sea

M83 Collaborator Morgan Kibby Announces Debut LP as White Sea
Morgan Kibby has made a name for herself by co-writing and appearing on material with M83, but the songwriter is ready to go solo with a debut LP as White Sea. The artist's In Cold Blood is due May 20 through Crush Music/SONGS.

A press release explains that the record comes in the wake of some high-profile work with M83, with Kibby having co-written, arranged and performed on a handful of songs on the project's 2008 LP Saturdays = Youth and 2011's Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, including the latter's big single, "Midnight City." She has also toured with the act.

In addition, Kibby has remixed the likes of School of Seven Bells, the Naked and Famous, Active Child, Imagine Dragons and more.

Striking out on her own as White Sea, Kibby's produced a 10-song set that is apparently quite personal.

"This record couldn't have been more self-reflective or personal if I had tried," she said in a statement. "I took many cues from Prince, Donna Summer and countless films to hopefully impart a deeply moving and almost visual experience for people when they listen."

A pre-order for the set is up now over on iTunes, which will get you album tracks "They Don't Know" and "Prague" a month ahead of time. You'll find the rest of the tracklisting details and quick trailer for the set, featuring an atmospheric and chilling synth drone and cinematic footage of a crime scene, down below.

In Cold Blood:

1. They Don't Know
2. Prague
3. Future Husbands Past Lives
4. For My Love
5. Warsaw
6. Ex-Pat
7. Small December
8. NYC Loves You
9. Flash
10. It Will End in Disaster