M-1 Confidential

Known for shit-disturbing the rap industry status quo as one half duo Dead Prez, M-1 takes his militant b-boy stance in a different direction with his debut solo project, Confidential. Much of the album seems tactfully directed at the club, matching the stutter and sheen of your typical Dirty South club banger with the MC’s relentless verbal assault on Uncle Sam’s cannibalistic political system. To that end, beats normally thought to be unappealing to the regular DP fan survive because of the lyrical content they support, namely on "Don’t Put Down Your Flag” and the Agalllah-produced "Comrade’s Call.” What’s far more interesting, however, is M-1’s attempt at other musical styles. R&B creeps into the mix on both the Cassandra Wilson and Q-Tip lead "Love You Can’t Borrow” and "Confidential,” while M tests out his vocal chords on the sing-song blues/soul number "Gunslinger.” With a little help from artists as disparate as K’naan, Ghostface, and even his own momma, Confidential augments the voice of M-1’s struggle to reach all people. (Busshaak)