Lykke Li "Untitled" (video)

Lykke Li 'Untitled' (video)
A while back we got a taste of Lykke Li's new sultry image courtesy of the crotch-rubbing "Get Some" clip. But if you thought the second vid promoting her upcoming Wounded Rhymes album, the textually active "I Follow Rivers," was a bit of a letdown, wait until you see her latest video.

Starting off to the sounds of crashing waves, "Untitled" finds Li writhing around on a desolate, sandy beach. Things start off innocently enough as she passes sand through her hands, but things get out of control quickly when the singer, draped in a fur coat and a skimpy one-piece, starts stabbing at the ground with some daggers she found lying around. As soon as some ethereal synth swells start to score the clip, she begins wriggling and writhing violently in the dirt. Like a common street hood lost in paradise, the performer then begins an impressive butterfly knife demonstration before ultimately staring off into space.

It's unclear if this is part of a bigger music video or if it's just a commercial for her new disc, but either way we're weirded out and can't wait to see what happens next.

As reported Wounded Rhymes comes out March 1.