Lykke Li "I Follow Rivers" (alternate video)

Lykke Li 'I Follow Rivers' (alternate video)
The Lykke Li press train just keeps on rollin' with yet another video attempt for moody club thumper "I Follow Rivers." While we already saw a graphically indebted version of the number, in which Li's lyrics scrolled across the screen, this new clip features a plotline and some serene landscape imagery.

In the vid, Li chases after Swedish Lebanese actor Fares Fares throughout the magic island Gotland, Närsholmen. Through sleet and snow, and across a frigid beach, she tails the guy until she gets his attention. A tender kiss-and-hug session concludes the clip. It's quite sweet, actually.

As reported, Li's sophomore set, Wounded Rhymes, comes out March 1 on her LL Recordings.