Lydia Ainsworth Signs to Arbutus Records for New EP

Lydia Ainsworth Signs to Arbutus Records for New EP
The eclectic experimental pop roster of Arbutus Records — home of Sean Nicholas Savage, Doldrums, Blue Hawaii — just got a little bit bigger, with news that the Montreal label will soon be delivering an EP from Lydia Ainsworth.

The imprint confirmed the partnership today (May 1), explaining that Ainsworth's debut for the label, Right from Real - Pt. 1, is set to drop June 10. A press release explains that Ainsworth wrote the four-song collection from bedrooms and basements in Brooklyn and Toronto, with the material evolving from audio sketches crafted in between film composing projects into a proper collection of songs.

Taking influence from electronic music, film scores and indie rock, the short song cycle is said to be influenced by everything from composers Verdi and Bernard Hermann, to Bauhaus offshoot Tones on Tail, Art of Noise and Ace of Base. To create her "haunted melodies," Ainsworth used strings and vocal samples throughout the set. According to the artist, the record attempts to evoke an out-of-body experience.

"I became entranced by the evolving process that took shape within those invisible tactile walls of tradition," she explained in a statement. "Whether I was sampling instruments, writing lyrics, incorporating lyrics by my pen pal Matthew, recording multiple arrangements for each song — stripping them down, building them back up — I was guided only by a relentless instinctive urge to express what I could not in waking life. The songs approach dreams, thoughts, and inspirations that demand a search for the unknown, a search for something beyond what the five senses can offer." 

Down below, you'll find the airy and ethereal first preview from the set, "White Shadows."

Right from Real - Pt. 1:

1. Candle
2. White Shadows
3. Malachite
4. Take Your Face Off