Lungfish Dig into Archives for 'A.C.R. 1999'

Lungfish Dig into Archives for 'A.C.R. 1999'
Members of the once-prolific Lungfish have been focused on their own projects since going on hiatus back in 2006, but the band will be reminding fans of their existence by releasing an unheard album from their archives. Their ten-song A.C.R 1999 session will come out on May 14 through Dischord.

Lungfish recorded these tracks with Craig Bowen at A.C.R. Studios in Baltimore, MD. The results were shelved, and six of the tunes were eventually redone for 2000's Necrophones. The original recordings, plus the four scrapped songs, remained under wraps until now.

According to a press release, this "offers a rare glimpse into some of this elusive material and by extension, into the Lungfish creative process." It will be available in CD, vinyl and digital formats. See the tracklist below and the cover above.

A.C.R 1999:

1. Eternal Nightfall (version)
2. Symbiosis
3. Screams of Joy
4. Occult Vibrations (version)
5. I Will Walk Between You
6. Aesop
7. Sex War (version)
8. Infinite Daybreak (version)
9. Hanging Bird (version)
10. Shapes in Space (version)