Luma Lane Nicegirls

The newest act signed to Damon Gough (aka Badly Drawn Boy) and Andy Votel’s Twisted Nerve label, Luma Lane is an extremely quiet singer/songwriter who uses intimate settings, bizarre arrangements and lo-fi production to bring her songs to life. Nicegirls, her debut, is a mini-album that gives a brief, but fitting introduction to this newcomer. Her gentle voice is very much like Stina Nordenstam — cute and enchanting without ever becoming irksome. Throughout the seven songs, Lane keeps it simple, isolating herself with a guitar or keyboard for the most part. Her unique vision makes for some truly experimental moments. "Boy As Car” represents her wacky tastes, sounding a lot like Siouxsie doing Ween. The offbeat side of Lane’s isn’t predominant though. "The Party Is Over” could be a Liz Phair tune, if Liz adopted a sweetie-pie voice and turned down the amp. While this mini-album uses the bare necessities, the songs never lose their zest, always keeping plenty of sweetness and light. (Twisted Nerve)