Loud Pipes "Solitaire"

Loud Pipes 'Solitaire'
Not much to really say about the Liverpool-based producer Loud Pipes — there’s nary a lick of info on his MySpace or any blog that has featured him — other than he nearly won an iheartcomix remix contest for the b-side to Ocelot’s "Lo Sforzo” (remind you of a certain D.A.N.C.E. act that did the same with Simian?) But if you’re itchin’ for more of that Ed Bangin’ muscle-flexin’ electro house, Mr. Pipes has certainly got what you need.

Having also remixed the likes of Purple Crush and LCD Soundsystem’s "Sound of Silver,” Loud Pipes isn’t a one-trick pony. Sure he cranks up the squelchin’ acid riffs, pummelling bass, and booming house beats, but he doesn’t stick to the same old Parisian sound that ruled the clubs in 2007.

"Solitaire,” his best track to date, works in a celebratin’ snippet from a classic funk track and scatters it amongst attention-deficit deep house. Beginning like it’s 1996 when disco house was all the rage, the beats are sliced, diced and pasted to maxmise its full club potential, but at the halfway point, things get deeper, slipping into a soulful daze with keys that would have Roy Davis Jr. nodding with a smile.

Loud Pipes "Solitaire”

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