Lou Barlow/Rudy Trouvé Subsonic 6

His mid-'90s critical acclaim must have gone to Lou Barlow's head, because suddenly, after making some good records with Sebadoh and Folk Implosion, he's convinced that someone might want to hear his embryonic half ideas (most under two minutes) strummed into a four-track machine. The noodle-y mess may seem "innovative" or "experimental" to people who've never actually heard improvised music, but this hodge-podge of unrelated sounds is best left alone. Sadly, chances are that Rudy Trouvé (Kiss My Jazz) will get left out too, and his half of this split is the one worth paying attention to. His atmospheric experiments in layering music over mundane recordings like "Driving Home From Shopping" are more fully fleshed out, seemingly like completed pieces in their own right, rather than a half-finished and abandoned project. (Sub Rosa)