Lost Soul Ubermensch (Death of God)

There's no shortage of above-average Polish death metal for some reason, and Lost Soul have proven themselves worthy with their sophomore release, Ubermensch (Death of God). The band's last album was slightly underachieving death metal, although the fact that it was on Relapse gave it some pretty high standards to live up to. Lost Soul has gotten better over the past couple of years, tightening up and streamlining their semi-technical death onslaught. It's still generic as hell, but it's done so well that the death metal fanatics out there should pick this one up if they're looking for a new band to check out. These guys prove their skill at handling both speedy grind and slower death just fine here. Other positive aspects include that classy cover art (seriously!) and the pentagram which is located in the band's logo (thus guaranteeing at least one pentagram on all their covers; brilliant!). (Osmose)