Loser Life I Have Ghosts And I Have Ghosts

After almost two decades of relative inactivity, the crossover subgenre of punk is starting to receive its moment of nostalgia. The number of bands turning up the thrash is growing exponentially, with acts ranging from abominable to amazing. Factor Loser Life into the latter, as I Have Ghosts And I Have Ghosts isn’t just a "that sounds cool” tribute to the days of post-’81 hardcore, it full-on lives it. In fact, the album’s brash and confrontational political overtones mixed with flippant, carefree songs about skating half-pipes and getting sauced are so hyperactive and expedient they seem to find that narrow margin in Southern Californian hardcore just before crossover became its own entity. Cutting the wank off at every point, even the production levels are amazingly low fidelity to ensure the record projects the sensation of the cramped, sweaty, stale atmosphere this kind of music thrives in. With another layer of filth, this could be crusty punk but as is, it’s stellar skater dude grime from the Sunshine State. (Magic Bullet)