Loscil's 'City Hospital' Reissued via Wist Rec.

Loscil's 'City Hospital' Reissued via Wist Rec.
If you've been following Irish-Canadian imprint Wist Rec., then you're already familiar with its innovative, medium-spanning releases, which have combined classic short stories with a newly composed soundtracks, as well as seen a variety of other handmade album packages. Now, Loscil's out-of-print instalment in the imprint's Book Report Series is getting a stand-alone reissue.

As previously reported, the Vancouver ambient artist and Destroyer collaborator released City Hospital last year. This four-song collection is intended as a soundtrack to the Malcolm Lowry novella Lunar Caustic, and its initial pressing was just 100 copies.

This new pressing, which will be available on May 13, will be available in a comparatively generous run of 350 three-inch CD-Rs. These will be hand-stamped and encased in a jackdaw-style folder. The artwork is getting a revamp, although the tracklist is the same. Some of the music can be heard in the short film embedded below, and the above image will be included in the newly packaged record.

The discs will be sold at Vancouver stores Red Cat and Zulu and through Wist Rec.'s website and Stashed Goods.

City Hospital:

1. Awoke on a Ship
2. The Coal Barge
3. Staring Out of the Window at Twilight
4. Death of Ase