Loscil Unveils 'Sketches from New Brighton'

Loscil Unveils 'Sketches from New Brighton'
The last we heard from Vancouver ambient great Loscil (aka Scott Morgan), he was gearing up to release the Air Texture Volume II compilation in collaboration with fellow sound sculptor Rafael Anton Irisarri. Now, however, Morgan has revealed plans for a new proper full-length.

 The record is called Sketches from New Brighton and marks the sixth full-length from Morgan's Loscil project. In a press release, he said that the album is named after "an odd little ocean side park that borders industry and the Vancouver port authority and lays claim to being the birthplace of the city."

In many ways, this relation to a cityscape is a recurring theme in Morgan's work, as he explained, "In a way, Sketches from New Brighton is a continuation of a dialogue with my environment that started with First Narrows and continued with the Strathcona Variations EP. It is not a rigorous 'study' per se, but more a series of sketches, loose interpretations of the spaces I inhabit as well as an acknowledgement of their influence on my practice."

 The album will be available from Kranky, who themselves describe the album as achieving "an aural feng shui." Find out what that means when the record drops on September 10.

Sketches from New Brighton:

 1. Khanahmoot
2. Hastings Sunrise
3. Second Narrows
4. Container Ships
5. Coyote
6. Collision of the Pacific Gatherer
7. Cascadia Terminal
8. Fifth Anchor Span
9. Prairie Trains