Loscil Triple Point

Point Triple Point attempts to emulate the ambient house feel of Chain Reaction and Basic Channel, with spacious dub and a gentle, 4/4 beat with a strong bass line and subtle sounds transmitted between beats. Though the album is pleasant, it is not necessarily groundbreaking material, since much of this realm has already been mapped out. That being said, Triple Point has its strengths, since it could function as both sedated house music or rhythmic ambient. Track four, entitled "Zero," sounds as if nature were brought into the mix, with the piercing call of a loon cutting through the music. A dreamy state pervades throughout this album, rendering the mental image of a twilight hike through autumnal forests, seducing the listener into the eerier side of ambient house. Repeated listens evoke more appreciation for the album, particularly the last track, "Absolute," a pure ambient track that has its own distinct personality. "Absolute" puts the listener on edge with its unsettling drone style and takes the album into a more unfamiliar real (Kranky)