Los Yetis Nadaismo A Go-Go!

As the sang goes: "better late than never." Such a sentiment is inevitable when hearing this collection of tunes from Columbian '60s garage pop rockers Los Yetis. One of the most enthusiastic, upbeat and fun loving acts of that era, they were clearly overlooked/underappreciated at the time but thanks to this 21-track compilation of their finest work, at least their efforts weren't in vain. A combination of wild takes on hits of the time, as interpreted by a bunch of randy Latino teen heartthrobs, and a few original compositions blending the twang of the Ventures with Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass's hip-shaking swagger, overt sexuality and carefree attitude, Nadaismo A Go-Go! is pure garage rock, from the twangy, barely distorted guitars all the way through to the romping drum beats and wry vocals. Held up against the self-conscious garage rock of today, which strives so hard to sound this tinny and uncomplicated without actually achieving it (or having tunes that are anywhere near as memorable), it's great to hear such a historical gem surpass its successors, even if the attention is long overdue. (Munster)