Lords / Karysun Lords / Karysun

A wonderful contrast of equally voracious yet aurally diverse bands, this meeting of violent minds assaults from all angles. Taking their crack at your cranium, bombastic trio Lords throw out five tracks (including a nearly unrecognizable Young Widows cover) that steam along with the destructive force of a hurricane. Ravenous, frenetic and done before you even know what hit you, they're especially engaging when rockin' out a truly shit-kickin' take on Nazareth's "Hair Of The Dog," a tune that lends itself particularly well to such an aggressive, upbeat rendition. Not to be outdone, lumbering hardcore outfit Karysun offer up two hits of rage, the first being a vocal attack on institutions (religion, police and so forth), while the second is a lolling instrumental dirge capable of crumbling foundations at extreme volumes. While not as startling as Lords, they still hold their own and when factoring in that the album is issued in translucent vinyl and with a three-colour fold-out sleeve, this split not only screams "ass-kicker" but "collector's wet dream" to boot. (Destructure)