Lordi The Arockalypse

While the debate about whether or not Finnish quintet Lordi actually knew about North American shock rockers Gwar before donning their own rubber monster masks rages on, it hasn’t hindered these boys from releasing a succession of albums, tearing Scandinavia apart with stage shows and, get this, opening a Lordi-themed restaurant. The resulting success overseas finds them striving to break into America with a re-release of latest full-length, The Arockalypse. Looking thrash but sounding more like an electronic-influenced KISS than anything else, The Arockalypse features sturdy hard rock riffs, uncomplicated vocal melodies and a general atmosphere of your average B-movie — anticipation and expectancy wind up being stronger emotions than the actual realisation. Songs such as "The Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead” and "The Chainsaw Buffet” sound alluringly creepy but when predictable rhyming patterns fail to expand on the theme the digitised production results in sterility and the keyboard-driven atmosphere feels like heavy music played by electronica artists. A pop rock band with great costumes come to mind, not guys who want to chew your head off and throw it in your face. All in all, The Arockalypse is a strong album in its own right but it doesn’t generate the imposing dominance one might expect from such an aesthetically shocking band. When the dust settles, the results will be obvious: Lordi may have the better shtick but Gwar will always reign supreme musically. (The End)