Lorde "Team"

Lorde 'Team'
Following the wide-reaching success of Lorde's "Royals," the Kiwi pop singer has revealed another society-analyzing single called "Team."

Like "Royals," the track juxtaposes jewel-encrusted glam life with that of the regular folk ("We live in cities you'll never see on screen / Not very pretty but we sure know how to run things"). Despite their differences, though, it's hinted at that deep down, we're basically all on the same team.

The song itself is punctuated with a punchy clap beat, diamond shimmering-synth chords and Lorde's sparkling vocal harmonies. You can check out the track in the stream down below.

In a statement, Lorde said of the song:

I am in Paris as I release this. every street we drive down makes my eyes pop with the most incredible things carved in stone, and gilded on pillars, and wrought with metal; the heroes and heroines of this city aren't so hard to find. this song's are a little more mismatched, less classic courtesans on their pedestals, but nonetheless brilliant. this song is kinda of that world, and at the same time, very much of this one. enjoy.

Lorde's Pure Heroine arrives in North America on October 1 through Universal.