Long Weekends Don't Reach Out

It didn't take long for Halifax crew Long Weekends to find their stride. After dropping a handful of online tracks, their debut seven-inch doles out some stellar post-punk-influenced garage rock. The title track is a driving, mid-tempo blast of helplessness; "Why would you reach out when there's nothing I can do?" asks Noel MacDonald, the band's singer and a former member of Tomcat Combat and A History Of. B-Side "Show Your Face" demonstrates the group's ability to rein in their sound, featuring some nice rumbling bass and plenty of space to let the song breathe. Finding a happy medium between the fuzzy shoegaze of Bloodhouse and the pop ambitions of Cold Warps, Long Weekends have staked out a nice piece of real estate in the busy and prolific Halifax scene. Don't Reach Out offers a great pair of tunes from a promising young band. (Noyes)