Long Long Long Drop New EP, Set Off on North American Tour

Long Long Long Drop New EP, Set Off on North American Tour
Halifax guitar pop impresarios Long Long Long are definitely at the top of our best new rookies list, hitting our end-of-year sweet spot with their 2010 Shorts EP. This year looks as if it will be a massive one for the band, as they've planned a number of new releases and a, er, triple-long North American tour.

Along with releases lined up for Fan Club Music Club and Pop Echo Records, Long Long Long have just graced Bandcamp with the digital release of a new EP called Who the Fuck Said Family Ain't Family No More. The five-track release can be streamed and/or purchased digitally for $5 below.

Having clearly spent the winter months holed up in the studio, Long Long Long recently kicked off a massive North American tour in New Brunswick. This week it continues through Ontario and the United States before seeing the band pop up in Canada for shows in Alberta and British Columbia. Then it's back to the U.S. for the majority of the summer, aside from an appearance at Calgary's Sled Island in June.

All tour dates are available below.

Who The Fuck Said Family Ain't Family No More:

1. "There Are Tape Machines Down There"
2. "Sure, Sometimes You Win"
3. "In a Geometric Fashion, Grass Swirling in a Geometric Fashion"
4. "You'll Not Guess Who I Met in Minnesota"
5. "If There's a Rumble, You Guys'll Back Me, Right?"

Tour dates:

4/25 Ottawa, ON - Cafe Dekuf
4/26 Toronto, ON - Silver Dollar
4/27 Kingston, ON - The Artel
4/28 Rochester, NY - The Bug Jar
5/3 Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Fireproof
5/4 New York, NY - Shea Stadium
5/6 Pittsburgh, PA - The Frame Gallery
5/7 Columbus, OH - Rumba Cafe
5/8 Detroit, MI - North End Studios/ Sparklewood
5/13 Madison, WI - The Project Lodge
5/17 Missoula, MT - The BSMT
5/18 Medicine Hat, AB - Justin's House
5/20 Edmonton, AB - Dinwoodie
5/21 Calgary, AB - No. 1 Legion
5/22 Vancouver, BC - Waldorf Hotel
5/23 Tofino, BC - The Maquinna
5/25 Seattle, WA - Healthy Times Fun Club
5/27 Portland, OR - Mudai Lounge
5/28 San Francisco, CA - The Cave
5/30 Sacramento, CA - The Hub
5/31 Oakland, CA - The Continental Club
6/1 Santa Barbara, CA - Biko Garage
6/2 Los Angeles, CA - Lot 1
6/3 Los Angeles, CA - Origami Vinyl
6/4 Los Angeles, CA - FMLY RIDE
6/5 San Diego, CA - The Tin Can Alehouse
6/6 Phoenix, AZ - The Rogue Bar
6/8 Albuquerque, NM - Dad's House
6/9 Norman, OK - The Opolis
6/10 Austin, TX - Skinny's Ballroom
6/11 New Orleans, LA - The Circle Bar
6/12 Houston, TX - Super Happy Fun Land
6/15 Denver, CO - Hi-Dive
6/20 Boise, ID - Redroom
6/22 - 6/25 Calgary, AB - Sled Island
6/29 St Louis, MO - Pig Slop
7/02 Atlanta, GA - Wonderroot
7/12 Charlotte, NC - Sewercide Mansion