Long-Running Vancouver Music Magazine Discorder Cancels August Issue, May Be Forced to Go Bimonthly Due to Ad Revenue Shortfall

Long-Running Vancouver Music Magazine <i>Discorder</i> Cancels August Issue, May Be Forced to Go Bimonthly Due to Ad Revenue Shortfall
Perhaps this is what they were talking about when they said the recession would take some time to creep into every corner of society. Due to budget issues and a lack of advertisers, Vancouver's decades-old CITR radio publication Discorder will be unable to publish their August issue.

On the phone with Exclaim!, editor Jordie Yow explained that the monthly music magazine would be releasing its August issue online only, and hopefully resume print operations in September. From there, though, Discorder may have no choice but to go bimonthly.

"We're printing September for sure, and after that we'll print monthly if we can," Yow explained. "We still have to decide what we're going to do to save funds. If it doesn't work out we'll print bimonthly. We'd still put reviews up very often online, but then we'd just print a best of."

The reason for the financial problem comes from a general lack of ad revenue. "Most of our advertisers have had their ad budgets slashed," he said. "Maybe because we're a little bit smaller, they're making the cuts there... I hate to sound cliché, but I think it's from the recession."

Discorder has been in print for over 25 years. And while it has been forced to combine monthly issues in the past, this marks the first time a print copy of the magazine has been called off entirely. Over the years, it has also played in a key role in supporting the local Vancouver music scene, as well as served as a starting point for a number of Exclaim! writers.