​Liz Phair Is Recording a Double Album with Ryan Adams

​Liz Phair Is Recording a Double Album with Ryan Adams
The worlds of alt-rock and alt-country are colliding in a studio in Los Angeles right now. Ryan Adams and Liz Phair are currently holed up in the former's Pax-AM Studios in Los Angeles, working on the latter's new double album.
Adams broke the news on Twitter, sharing photos of the recording sessions and giving a brief update on the impending album. Work on the double-LP began yesterday (January 12), and the pair laid down five tracks in a day. Producer Don Was was also present for the session.
Adams noted that the five new songs were recorded "all analog," and he used Phair's 1993 debut Exile in Guyville to describe the sound multiple times. He tweeted that she was getting "back to those sounds & that rawness I first heard on Exile," and even used the hashtag #ExileInPaxAmVille.
See some photographic evidence of the collaboration below, and stay tuned for full details on the project.

Phair's last album was the independently released Funstyle back in 2010. Adams, meanwhile, is set to release his latest solo LP Prisoner on February 17.