Live Nation UK to Replace Paper Concert Tickets with "Digital Wristbands"

Live Nation UK to Replace Paper Concert Tickets with 'Digital Wristbands'
Mega-sized concert promoter Live Nation has revealed plans to phase out the paper concert ticket in favour of what they're calling a "digital wristband," which they hope will combat ticket fraud and unauthorized resale.

As the BBC reports, Live Nation UK is currently testing the "smart-chip" devices, preparing them for debuts at UK concert festivals. "Your ticket won't be a paper ticket, it'll be a wristband unique to you," Live Nation UK rep John Probyn said. "If Fred Bloggs comes in, I can ask him for identification to prove he is that person." Apparently, the wristbands will not only combat fraud and used as ID, but may be used to buy refreshments as well.

The move comes after statistics showed that one in every 12 fans who have bought tickets online for concerts have been scammed in one way or another.

Live Nation said, at some point, they plan to eradicate paper tickets altogether. It's unclear whether the North American branch of Live Nation is planning to test the wristbands.