Liturgy Sign to Thrill Jockey for Next LP, Set Off on U.S. Tour

Liturgy Sign to Thrill Jockey for Next LP, Set Off on U.S. Tour
Chicago, IL's Thrill Jockey has always maintained a diverse roster, from the jazzy, cocktail pop of the Sea and Cake to the mathy post-rock of Trans Am to the tropical electronic jams of High Places. But even with that much range, Liturgy, the latest signees to the imprint, may have you scratching your head. While the label is no stranger to noise -- just check out Sam Prekop's latest solo set, Old Punch Card -- the grating black metal cacophony that is Liturgy is easily the most bewilderingly intense band Thrill Jockey has dealt with so far.

The group's 2009 disc, Renihilation, weaved in anything from cascading metal synths to bizarre, amorphous white noise, settling uncomfortably below distorted chants and banshee wails. It was this interesting mix of blast beats and drones that cemented Liturgy on a number of year-end lists, ultimately bringing them to the attention of Thrill Jockey.

"Liturgy's music is an ecstatic affirmation of  becoming and an assault on the floating malaise of contemporary  information-age life. The ebb and flow of their churning, swarming rhythms and melodies both models and fosters the eternal flux," the label explained in a press release. "Their debut full-length, Renihilation, presents a vision of a new American black metal,  permanently held to the flame, searing with energy, purged of impurities and form, eternally glowing like a star."

While Thrill Jockey is proud to put out Liturgy's next album sometime next year, they have yet to release the details of the disc. In the meantime, you can catch the band live on their North American tour.

Tour dates:

11/11  Richmond, VA - Gallery 5
11/12  Charlotte, NC - Snug Harbor
11/13  Asheville, NC - Broadways
11/14  Athens, GA - Farm 255
11/15  Atlanta, GA - The Earl
11/16  Nashville, TN - The End
11/17  Knoxville, TN - Pilot Light
11/18  Raleigh, NC - Kings Barcade
11/19  Washington, DC - Comet Ping Pong
11/20  Baltimore, MD - Golden West Café
12/3  Brooklyn, NY - Acheron
12/9  Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands