Little Scream "People"

Little Scream 'People'
Laurel Sprengelmeyer gave us her latest Little Scream album, Cult Following, this year, but she's just shared a new track for a great cause.
"People" is an urgent call to action for society at large to smarten up, pleading with listeners: "Come on, people! What's wrong with us people?!" The song was recorded during the Cult Following sessions and features Richard Reed Parry on synths and Mark Wheaton on drums — resulting in a spirited burst of passionate rock'n'roll.
All proceeds from the single will be donated to ACLU and Planned Parenthood, and you can make a contribution by purchasing the track here.
In a statement about the song, Sprengelmeyer said:
There is nothing like identifying a common enemy to help bring about clarity and awareness. In this case, the enemy is not a single person, but our own ongoing apathy and collective lack of action. Donald Trump has reminded us that despite unprecedented access to information, we still can't seem to outsmart propaganda. He feeds us whims and intentionally inflammatory statements, and whether we like them or not, we end up reflecting and proliferating them. He has reminded us that we must be proactive in our consumption of news, in identifying truth amidst entertaining falsehoods; that we are closer to the blunt polemics of bigotry vs. acceptance, love vs. hate than we may have previously thought.
Hear that sentiment get channelled into the politically charged "People" below.