The Little Ones Terry Tales & Fallen Gates

Major labels were made to drop young bands with potential, and that’s exactly the story behind this group of bright-eyed Los Angelinos. At the 11th hour, EMI dropped them just weeks before their debut album, Morning Tide, was set to ship. Showing heart, the Little Ones whipped together this self-released EP as a distraction while they shop around their full-length. Following up 2006’s brilliant debut EP (Sing Song), the boys have collected a pleasing group of songs that demonstrate the album is something to look forward to. Growth is heard in "Boracay,” which utilises some steel drums to demonstrate their ambitious nature, and "Forgive Yourself” puts their colourful guitar textures on display. This EP does lack some of the spark of Sing Song — missing is a winner like the infectious "Lover’s Who Uncover” — but judging by Morning Tide’s lead single, "Ordinary Song,” there’s plenty to expect when their album suitably drops in the hot summer. As they sing in "Unlock the Door!,” their time has just begun. (Branches Recording Collective)