Little Girls Parts Ways with Paper Bag Records After "Legal Battle"

Little Girls Parts Ways with Paper Bag Records After 'Legal Battle'
Back in 2009, Toronto lo-fi fuzz rocker Josh McIntyre built up a steady buzz with his Little Girls project, releasing an album via Paper Bag and playing shows with the likes of You Say Party, Wavves and Japandroids. Now, McIntyre has spoken out about the future of the band, explaining that he has been embroiled in an alleged legal dispute with his label.

Speaking with University of Toronto student newspaper The Varsity about his LP Concepts, the songwriter said, "That came out on Paper Bag Records last October. Officially, as of three days ago, I'm not with them anymore, which I'm quite happy with. We got caught up in a bit of a legal battle for a while, which kind of sucked."

He didn't open up about the details of the dispute, but said, "My experience was not so great with them, and it's over now so I'm really thankful."

Now that his legal troubles are behind him, McIntyre has moved on to a new label and has his sights set on the next album. He explained, "We're doing something with Hand Drawn Dracula in Canada, and I'm not sure about the States yet, but we've been talking to some people there about putting out the next record."

Fans can expect the upcoming LP to be a departure from the murky home recordings that first got the project noticed. Although Little Girls began as a McIntyre solo vehicle, it has developed into a four-piece band. The frontman revealed, "It's going to change now a little bit because we're writing as a band so that's actually coming together the way a band usually writes music where we just jam. People come in with ideas and we turn them into songs."

There's no word as to when we will be hearing the latest from Little Girls, but when we do, we should brace themselves for some changes. For a look back, check out the video for his Concepts track "Youth Tunes" below.