Little Girls' Josh McIntyre Discusses "Pop Oriented" Debut EP with Prince Innocence

Little Girls' Josh McIntyre Discusses 'Pop Oriented' Debut EP with Prince Innocence
Toronto songwriter Josh McIntyre is known for his dark, noisy output under the name Little Girls, but he's now expanded his portfolio to include a new project called Prince Innocence. This minimal electronic duo, which also features Montreal-based vocalist Talvi Faustmann, will release their debut EP, Lapse, on April 29 through Pretty Pretty Records.

In an interview with Exclaim!, McIntyre explained that Prince Innocence began as a chilly, synth-oriented side-project in early 2012, but his own vocals made the early demos sound too similar to Little Girls. As a result, he recruited Faustmann — with whom he attended high school in Toronto — to sing and write lyrics, although she had never fronted a band before.

"Prince Innocence is a lot different from Little Girls in the sense that we're not hiding behind anything," McIntyre explains. "Most of Little Girls was based on anonymity (the blurred press photos, buried vocals, etc.). With Prince Innocence, everything is at the forefront. The vocals are higher in the mix, we're not hiding behind anything in our photos and the music itself is more pop oriented."

The band's early recordings involved sending files back and forth between Toronto and Montreal, but McIntyre has been spending time in Montreal as of late, so much of the newer material was laid down together. Lapse was entirely self-recorded and self-produced, with the bulk of its tracklist consisting of remixed and remastered versions of prior singles. You can hear some of those singles and some EP tracks at the bottom of the page.

The band are currently working on a studio-recorded debut full-length using all analogue equipment. Look for a single to arrive this summer. And while Prince Innocence has kept McIntyre busy as of late, he notes, "Little Girls is still a band and will always be a band," adding, "I am working on a new Little Girls record right now."


1. Proto
2. Golden Hour
3. Shells
4. Girls
5. To My Right
6. Post