Listen to Thursday's No Devolución Now on

Listen to Thursday's <i>No Devolución</i> Now on
Long-running post-hardcore vets Thursday have developed a rich history through their many years of hard work, recently reminiscing on ten years since their 2001 debut, Full Collapse, with a tour. But rather than focus on the glory days, the progressive group have expanded on their sound to include elements of swirling post-rock and melodic experimentalism on their new album No Devolución.

The album will get its official release on April 12 via Epitaph, but you can check out the record now over here, where the album will be streaming all week on

Enlisting the help of studio whiz Dave Fridmann (the Flaming Lips, Parts and Labor) to produce, record and mix, No Devolución maintains Thursday's emotive and aggressive brand of rock while creating something unlike they've ever done before.

As the press release puts it, "Emotionally charged atmospheric guitars, rhythm and keyboards swirl in unison with [frontman Geoff] Rickly's inimitably intense vocals, painting a powerful cinematic-like soundscape and grabbing hold of listeners with each twisting turn. No longer merely the 'screamo' band of yore, Thursday has transcended the genre they helped to spark with No Devolución, which translates to 'No Returns,' an appropriate title for a band consistently moving forward."

While the group's unbridled aggression and catharsis remain in tact, one listen to No Devolución demonstrates that straightforward emotions have been replaced with complex concepts, as songs twist and turn through different genres, themes and volumes. They're still the same band, but the album evolves what it means to be Thursday.

No Devolución will be streaming on until April 11.

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