Listen to Spoon's Transference Now on

Listen to Spoon's <i>Transference</i> Now on
Spoon have been busy lately. Not only have the soulful indie rock torchbearers announced a massive North American tour with Deerhunter, but they opted to release their much talked about seventh LP, Transference, a week early. If you haven't yet heard the record, you're in luck: it will be streaming on all week long.

To listen to Transference in its entirety, simply click here.

The album, which was released by Merge Records on January 19, earned the Exclaim! Mark of Excellence for its gritty and spacious production style and emotional depth. With Spoon now taking over all their own production duties, front-man Britt Daniel spoke about producing Transference and why it he referred to it as "pure Spoon" on the band's website.

"I was saying that because it was the first time we made a record without a producer, and when we made the last four with this guy Mike McCarthy, I really liked the way they turned out," he said. "We knew that if we put in the time with him we could always turn in a good record. But when you're working with a producer, it's a meeting of two different aesthetics. I wanted to make a record where there wasn't that additional filter, where it could be just be purely the way we or I thought it should be, and if that meant it was a little more amateurish or uglier, then that was fine."

Whether or not Transference is ugly is up to you, but under the album's raw production style is a set of songs that have all the groove and prettiness that Spoon albums have increasingly become known for. When asked about the LP's relationship to the Austin, TX band's last album, 2007's Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, Daniel hypothesized that "there's always a sub-conscious or maybe partly conscious rebound from the record before where, you know, there are certain things about what that record stood for, and you might want to just kind of try different things."

Transference will be streaming on until February 1.