Listen to Shaquille O'Neal's New Song with Steve Aoki, "Welcome to the Playhouse"

It's... a lot
Listen to Shaquille O'Neal's New Song with Steve Aoki, 'Welcome to the Playhouse'
Shaq loves electronic music — remember that footage of his 7'1" frame moshing at Tomorrowland Music Festival? — and has been performing under the name DJ Diesel for a couple years now. 

And today, the basketball legend has teamed up with Steve Aoki, another purveyor of big, dumb electronic music, to share his new single "Welcome to the Playhouse."

This linkup features, blessedly, Shaq rapping over a rumbling, laser-blasted headache of a song (complete, of course, with a customary breakdown or two) and comes attached to a frenetically animated video that features avatars of both Shaq and Aoki. 

Shaq opens the song with a villainous laugh — it's hard not to imagine him as some enormous, basketball shorts-clad bridge troll — and he gets to call us all bastards and shout the track's title very loudly. A lyrical sampling goes: "You want Shaq to put you in your place? / I'll make Steve throw a cake in your face."

In a press release, Shaq said, "Working with Steve on 'Welcome to the Playhouse' was a blast. We went back and forth for hours together in his studio and eventually ended up with one of my favourite DIESEL releases to date. WELCOME TO THE PLAYHOUSE!"

It should be noted that Shaq's tastes don't skew exclusively EDM, and last year he shouted out Mississauga R&B singer-songwriter Luna Elle as "next up" in the world of pop music. 

Check out "Welcome to the Playhouse" below.