Sam Weber Is in the Loop on "Already Know"

It's the third single off his upcoming record 'Get Free'
Sam Weber Is in the Loop on 'Already Know'
Photo: Jacob Boll
After wrapping up a month-long American tour supporting Bahamas, Sam Weber has dropped the third single, "Already Know," off his upcoming album Get Free, which is due to arrive on February 4 via Sonic Unyon.

"'Already Know' started as a very traditional song," Weber explained of the track in a release, "kind of a waltz acoustic guitar thing that wasn't really much of anything."

He continued: 

But I liked the lyrics a lot and when I played it for Mallory [Hauser], her instinct was to stretch it out into straight time with these free time sections. Once I figured out a new way to sing it, the song came together in a really beautiful way. It's not a total Paul Simon diss-track, but the last verse does discuss the rumour of him stealing the idea for "The Myth of Fingerprints" from Los Lobos.

The new track features lulling vocals punctuated by bouts of playful electric guitar and follows single "Money" and "Here's To The Future" off the upcoming album.

Weaving tales of Weber's departure from Canada to find new opportunities in America, the forthcoming record constructs an intimate portrait of the 28-year-old Vancouver Island artist. Get Free sees Weber reach greater emotional depths and imbue his music with more personal details than ever before.

Following his move to Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter had to take a new approach to record due to the pandemic. Weber's partner, Mallory Hauser, assisted with production duties for Get Free as they sought to be as creative as possible within their limitations. Weber and Hauser recruited their friend Danny Austin-Manning to join them for weekly recording sessions at their Hollywood apartment.

"Danny would come over and the three of us would turn on the microphones and give these wild, unchained performances of the material," Weber recalled in a press release. "The songs became as much about the experience and ritual of spending time together as the content in the lyrics."

In drawing inspiration for the album's title, Weber stated the recording process was integral: "I called the record Get Free because each performance of each song was a moment of transcendence and an escape for us from an otherwise odd, restrictive time."

After the trio collaborated on the Juno Award-nominated Bahamas album Sad Hunk, Grammy-nominated engineer Robbie Lackritz mixed the album at Weber and Hauser's request. 

Hear the latest from Get Free below.

Get Free:

1. Truth or Lie
2. Already Know
3. Get Out of the Game
4. Don't Cry for Me
5. Survival
6. Nowhere Bound
7. Here's to the Future
8. Money
9. Everyone
10. Streets of LA