Listen to the Russian Futurists' The Weight's on the Wheels Now on

Listen to the Russian Futurists' <i>The Weight's on the Wheels</i> Now on
Since 2000, Toronto-based pop maestro Matthew Adam Hart has toed the line between twee and dance pop with his synth-obsessed project the Russian Futurists. But despite three well-received albums, Hart always seems to falls short of delivering that big breakthrough release. That soon may change, though, with his fourth album, The Weight's on the Wheels.

The record will be hitting your local record store on November 16 via Upper Class, but we've arranged a free stream of the album here for the next week.

The Weight's on the Wheels packs in the same addictive songwriting as previous Russian Futurists records, but what's new is a higher grade of production value thanks to producers Michael Musmanno (Outkast, the Lilys) and Michael Brauer (Coldplay). The resulting record has the hi-fi sheen of modern pop music with Hart's irresistible arrangements and songwriting serving as the backbone.

From the uplifting dance pop of opener "Hoeing Weeds Sewing Seeds" to the mall-ready R&B jam "100 Shopping Days 'Til Christmas," this is truly the most interesting, unpredictable and rewarding Russian Futurists release yet. The album also contains a timeless pop duet in "One Night, One Kiss." The track enlists the vocal talents of the Heavy Blinkers' Ruth Minnikin, and comes off as a misty-eyed lover's anthem that gets the balance between sap and charm just right.

The Weight's on the Wheels will be streaming on until November 22.

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