Listen to Lorde's High School Rock Band

Listen to Lorde's High School Rock Band
Photo: Tiana Feng
Before she was a soundtrack-curating, chart-dominating, bonafide pop star, New Zealand artist Lorde was a mere high school student in a weird, experimental art rock band.

The singer, whose real name is Ella Yelich O'Connor, was a member of the loose, experimental collective And They Were Masked.

The band's Facebook page lists influences like Fugazi, Soundgarden and the output of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (who's listed three times if you count the Mars Volta, At the Drive-In and his solo project).

Those expecting some rip-roaring riffs or early-2000s post-hardcore throat-shredding will have to look elsewhere, however. Consequence of Sound has found a pair of recordings featuring O'Connor, and they both just sound like they were made by, well, some arty high school students figuring things out as they go along.

"Sands of John" sounds like it may or may not have some Lord of the Rings references, and climaxes with a "heave, ho" chant. Then, "Piece of Mind" pairs some backmasked cymbals and a harp, and sees Lorde taking on lead vocals.

Listen to both songs from And They Were Masked's Characters album below.