Listen to Land of Talk's New Album 'Indistinct Conversations'

Listen to Land of Talk's New Album 'Indistinct Conversations'
After delaying its original springtime release due to COVID-19, Land of Talk have shared their monumental fourth studio album, Indistinct Conversations. It's out now courtesy of Dine Alone Records, and you can listen to the record below.

Following up 2017's Life After Youth, Indistinct Conversations sees vocalist/guitarist Liz Powell coming into their own musically and fully embracing their non-binary identity.

They treated the LP — which is being touted as a "dreamier, more acoustic-driven work" compared to their earlier releases — as a therapeutic retreat from the dark and uncertain parts of the world, using it as a vessel for radical self-acceptance. As a result, the band have released their most emotionally powerful and vulnerable work to date. 

"I know I'm a dope guitar player. I know I write really unorthodox stuff. I have a really distinctive guitar voice. I don't need to rip around Eddie Van Halen-ing it," Powell said in a statement. "I don't need to be anything but what I want to be."

They added: "This record is me being a lot more true to what I want to say and how I would want to hear it, not really trying to cater to any preconceived notions of what a woman is 'supposed' to sound like."

Producing alongside drummer Mark "Bucky" Wheaton and bassist Chris McCarron, Powell and the band have significantly restructured their sound, leading to Powell's lyrics taking centre stage, giving their voice the full range of space and volume it deserves.

Listen to Indistinct Conversations in full below, where you can also watch the band's recent videos for "Diaphanous" and "Compelled."