Listen to King Khan & BBQ Show's Invisible Girl Now on

Listen to King Khan & BBQ Show's <i>Invisible Girl</i> Now on
Even though they inadvertently helped spearhead the latest in a number of garage rock revivals this decade, beloved duo the King Khan & BBQ Show seem unfazed by the hype. Instead, they just keep dropping album after album of timeless rock'n'roll, with Invisible Girl marking their third full-length together.

The album was recently released via In the Red, and we've set it up for you to stream all week here on Don't believe us? Click here.

With this record, the timing is perfect for the King Khan & BBQ Show. On the coattails of the success from friends like Jay Reatard and the Black Lips, they could have written some breakthrough hits. Instead, they've done what they've always done, releasing a raw, ballsy garage punk album that touches on doo-wop and '50s rock. And in place of a palpable hit single, they've offered up tracks like "Tastebuds," one of the dirtiest songs we've heard in a long time.

Though not as commercially viable as some of the work by the duo's more industry-friendly peers, Invisible Girl shows King Khan & BBQ Show in their element, writing catchy, timeless pop songs while refusing to sell out.

Invisible Girl will be streaming on until November 16. And while you're around, don't forget to check out King Khan's hilarious Questionnaire in our November issue.