Listen to Greta Van Fleet's Latest Fake Zeppelin Song

"Always There" appears on the soundtrack for 'A Million Little Pieces'

BY Josiah HughesPublished Sep 6, 2019

Even if you don't share Jack White's enthusiasm for the recycled classic rock of Greta Van Fleet, there's no denying that they serve a valuable function in modern society. After all, why shell out big bucks to license a Led Zep tune for your movie when you can just hire these dudes instead?

That's precisely what director Sam Taylor-Johnson did for her adaptation of A Million Little Pieces. The film, which debuted at TIFF a whole year ago, now includes some faux-Houses of the Holy tuneage courtesy of the GVF boys. And honestly? It doesn't sound half bad.

Listen to the new Greta Van Fleet track "Always There" below.

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