Linus Loves Stage Invader

Following the success of Destroy Rock & Roll, Mylo has found an ideal companion to join and expand his Breastfed label. The alliteration-flaunting persona of Linus Loves is essentially Duncan Reid, Breastfed’s label manager (along with producer/songwriter Kevin Kennedy), who is obviously using his occupation to the fullest advantage. With a slew of recent remixes for the likes of Scissor Sisters and Justin Timberlake under his belt, Reid is no doubt an in-demand remixer. As an artist, he works within a similar framework as Mylo — a hard-on for disco, electro and house — and with Stage Invader has fundamentally crafted the essential tribute to ’80s club music without missing a beat. Though Stage Invader lacks the big anthems that Mylo pumps out effortlessly, Linus Loves is the king of sneaking in familiar samples from artists such as Siouxsie & the Banshees and Fleetwood Mac to launch a feeling in the air that is pure pleasure-seeking rapture. "The Victoria Principle” encapsulates this best with retro-futuristic simplicity and an 808 that never quits, while a version of the Pet Shop Boys’ "One More Chance” invites Cut Copy’s Dan Whitford to do his best Donna Summer overtop of a straight-up Giorgio Moroder bed of undulating synths. This is as close to retro heaven as dance music gets. (Breastfed)