Old vs. New: Pete Rock and Lil Yachty Are Beefing

Old vs. New: Pete Rock and Lil Yachty Are Beefing
The latest spat between hip-hop's old guard and rising stars saw production veteran Pete Rock look to wash red-braided ATLien Lil Yachty ashore after weighing in on the latter's recent Hot 97 freestyle. Though Rock delivered a handful of poop emojis, it's been smooth sailing for Yachty regardless.

In a now-deleted tweet, Yachty took the offensive with a simple "fuck a Pete Rock" before changing his tune. "Woah woah I just did some thinking," he wrote. "I ain't mad at Pete Rock, that's his personal preference cause personally ion like his type of music ethier (sic). So it's not fuck you. Bless u."

"At the end of the day what we doin over here not gone stop growing because a old head don't like it. The world will continue to spin."

Pete Rock also cooked up some generational beef last week with Young Dolph, saying that the rapper's pro-cocaine lyrics have no place within the art. "This kinda shit has got to stop. We gotta raise children better than this...No matter what you say he's hot garbage and thats the end of it," he wrote in an Instagram comment.

Yachty recently come under fire from hip-hop's older artists and listeners for revealing he couldn't name five songs from either 2Pac or the Notorious B.I.G. He'll be sailing to a venue near you this fall as support for Rae Sremmurd's Sremmlife II tour.