Lil Wayne's Clothing Line Sued by Model

Lil Wayne's Clothing Line Sued by Model
While Lil Wayne will hit us with his new No Ceilings 2 mixtape in just a few hours, the hip-hop mogul has been slapped with yet another lawsuit. This time, a woman is accusing the rapper's Trukfit clothing line of misappropriating her image for a T-shirt she feels is "associated with misogyny and violence."

TMZ reports that Shanise Taylor has sued Lil Wayne and Trukfit for an unspecified amount in damages. While the court documents note that Taylor consented to a shoot with a photographer in 2011, she is not a professional model and expected that the pics would be kept private.

Taylor discovered earlier this year that the photo had been doctored for a Trukfit T-shirt. The image had replaced her own tank-top's "gorgeous" slogan to the word "Trukfit," and she made note that the picture had been altered to make it look like she wasn't wearing any underwear. You'll find the photos over here on TMZ.

Taylor's suit alleges that she had never signed off for the photo to be used commercially, especially "on apparel associated with misogyny and violence."

Lil Wayne has not yet responded to the charges. His No Ceilings 2 tape is due later today (November 26).