Lil Wayne's Sentencing Postponed Yet Again Due to Courthouse Fire

Lil Wayne's Sentencing Postponed Yet Again Due to Courthouse Fire
Lil Wayne just might be the luckiest convicted felon in all of America. Last month, the rapper was scheduled to receive his weapons-related prison sentence, but his court date was delayed when he required emergency dental surgery. Wayne's new court date was scheduled for today (March 2), but the proceedings have once again been halted, this time by a fire.

According to the New York Times [via The Daily Swarm], the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse filled up with smoke this morning after a fire started in the basement. The fire department arrived and managed to put it out, but not before eight were injured: five fire fighters, two civilians and one prisoner. The whole thing was over within 45 minutes, but the building has been closed for the day and all sentencing postponed.

The cause of the fire is unknown, but it's likely more than a few music fans are imagining a member of Lil Wayne's entourage running around the courthouse with a can of gasoline and a box of matches.

As of press time, Lil Wayne had not yet commented on the situation, and TMZ reported that he was on an airplane heading for the now cancelled hearing.

There's no word yet on when his court date will be rescheduled, but we can only guess how he'll get off the hook next time. Power outage? Plague of locusts?