Lil Wayne Unveils New 'Devol' Album

Lil Wayne Unveils New 'Devol' Album
Though the rumour of many new Lil Wayne albums surfaced earlier this year, we've heard very little from the raspy rapper of late. Aside from a recent alleged photographer attack, there have been no new Lil Wayne records announced, which is strange considering he even releases albums when he's in jail. Thankfully, that has all changed, as Weezy revealed plans for a new collection of songs set to drop later this year.

Speaking with MTV in a taping of its new rap show Hip Hop POV, Lil Wayne explained that he's working on a new album called Devol. As he explained, "That's 'loved' spelled backwards, and it's my version of love songs."

While he didn't unveil whether or not the delicious wordplay was inspired by Pink Mountaintops' 2006 effort Axis of Evol, Weezy did promise that he hasn't turned into a love-obsessed wuss.

"What I mean by my version of love songs is meaning they're not saying, 'I love you,'" he said.

It's not all new material, either, as the rapper admitted, "It's all material I did when I was locked up."

It's unclear when Devol is expected to hit stores, and based on previous Lil Wayne album delays, we will be cautious of the release date even when we get it. Still, the news that Lil Wayne should be releasing at least one new album this year makes 2012 seem that much brighter.

Drake Feat. Lil Wayne - *HYFR* from SAGA on Vimeo.