Lil Wayne Sued for a Milli over Private Jet Rentals

Lil Wayne Sued for a Milli over Private Jet Rentals
By this point, Lil Wayne is no stranger to lawsuits that reach seven figures or higher, so it presumably doesn't come as too much of a surprise than yet another group of people are after his young money. Weezy has just been slapped with a lawsuit of more than a milli over private jet rentals.

The lawsuit comes from aircraft rental company the Signature Group. According to a rather snarky 14-page complaint [via Courthouse News/Dazed], Wayne "appears to enjoy the finer things in life."

It continues, "The nature of this dispute is straightforward and there are dozens of written communication from Mr. Carter's agents, not only attesting to the existence of this debt, but also promising payment if plaintiff foregoes taking action against defendants. Simply put, Mr. Carter can choose to use the proceeds that he earns to live the life of a hip-hop star — but he has to pay his bills just like the rest of us."

This class-warrior tone seems a little ridiculous coming from a company that rents out private jets, but in any case, Wayne has apparently built up a rather steep tab. He and Young Money Entertainment apparently owe more than a $1 million.

Signature Group is seeking unpaid fees and damages for breach of contract.