Lil Wayne Slapped with $2.5 Million Royalties Lawsuit

Lil Wayne Slapped with $2.5 Million Royalties Lawsuit
Lil Wayne caught a big break when his one-year prison sentence was pushed back earlier this month. Thanks to some bling-related tooth problems, the rapper was temporarily let off the hook for some dental surgery, and isn't due in jail until March 2. Sounds like some silver-lining on the cloud, right? It was, until he was slapped with a multi-million dollar lawsuit from producer Darius "Deezle" Harrison.

On Wednesday (February 17), Harrison and music publishers at the Royalty Network filed a suit at Manhattan Federal Court in New York City against Wayne for unpaid royalties on the Carter III song "Mrs. Officer." Harrison claims he owns the rights to the song, and wants payment for any profit made from record sales, streaming, ring tones or music videos. The amount Harrison is demanding is a cool $2.5 million U.S.

With those kinds of figures being tossed around, Weezy better hope he can sell his Miami condo. As we told you in December, Wayne was reportedly having trouble moving the four-bedroom home thanks to an overwhelming weed odour.

The Miami New Times points to a recent interview with Wayne, where he said, "We're not having trouble selling it, but all the other stuff is true... The people that are coming to look at it like that more about it. That's like waking in Bob Marley's crib and you still smelling weed and his bed still messed up, and food still on the table. They're like, 'Leave all that shit. I want to buy all that shit.'"

Oh, Lil Wayne, what are we going to do without you for the next year?