Lil Wayne: "Got Rock?"

Lil Wayne: 'Got Rock?'
Extreme success certainly hasn't changed rapper Lil Wayne, who, despite having the highest sales debut since 2005 and recently headlining the I Am Music tour through North America, has refused to settle down. Instead, the rapper has reinvented himself as a rock performer for his new album Rebirth, which is due out on April 7.

First single "Prom Queen" has already unofficially hit the web, and features Wayne employing his Auto-tune singing over top some crunchy alt-rock. It's certainly no "Got Money" but it will likely be a hit with the kids. In an interview with Billboard, the track's producers, Infamous and Drew Correa (who also produced the Wayne smash "Mr. Carter"), admitted they were shocked that Weezy wanted a tried and true rock song. "There were rumours Wayne was working on a rock album but I assumed it was just 808 drums with guitars on it. But that night when we worked on the track, [Wayne] said he wanted lots of drums, bass and guitars," Infamous said. "Drew started to add organs, and [Wayne] said no. That's when I realized it was actually going to be a real rock album."

In some sort of bizarre cross-promotion, the song was officially unveiled yesterday in a live AT&T-sponsored broadcast that streamed on Facebook last night at this page. Users who watched the performance seemed a little disappointed, leaving comments like, "was that it????????????????????" and "OMG I CANCELLED A MOVIE JUST TO SEE THAT. MAN IM MAD. ARGGGGGGGG". Hopefully the album will inspire a more positive reaction from Lil Wayne fans.

Lil Wayne "Prom Queen"