Lil Wayne Drops No Ceilings Mixtape Online

Lil Wayne Drops <i>No Ceilings</i> Mixtape Online
Before he dons an orange jumper and gets in the slammer for his gun charges, Lil Wayne has some work to do. Besides his long-anticipated new albums, Weezy has also been busy writing verses for a new mixtape. The tape, called No Ceilings, dropped today and is definitely worth the five minutes it'll take to download.

Featuring beats swiped from Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Black Eyed Peas and Gucci Mane, as well as a too-easy "Poke Her Face" riff on the Lady Gaga hit, No Ceilings sees the rapper no longer messing around with shitty guitar rock but returning to smart, weird rapping.

It might not be quite enough to tide us over while Weezy fulfills his prison term but the mixtape is pretty damn good.

You can grab No Ceilings from Nah Right.

No Ceilings:

1. "Swag Surfin'"

2. "Ice Cream Paint Job"

3. "D.O.A."

4. "Interlude"

5. "Wasted"

6. "Watch My Shoes"

7. "Break Up" (ft.Short Dawg & Gudda Gudda)

8. "Banned From TV"

9. "Throw It in the Bag" (Remix)

10. "I Think I Love Her" (ft. Tyga & Shanell)

11. "Interlude #2" (ft. Shanell)

12. "Wetter"

13. "I'm Good" (ft. T-Streets)

14. "Poke Her Face" (ft. Jae Millz)

15. "Run This Town"

16. "I Gotta Feeling"

17. "Outro"