Lil Wayne and Bangladesh Accused of Jacking "6'7" Beat

Lil Wayne and Bangladesh Accused of Jacking '6'7' Beat
While recently Lil Wayne and Bangladesh finally buried the hatchet over royalty payments for Weezy's huge 2008 hit "A Milli," the two have already got themselves a new song-related controversy to deal with. This time they're both on the same side, though.

Billboard reports that the beat behind Lil Wayne's newest joint "6'7", which was produced by Bangladesh, may have been lifted from another producer. A tweet from beat maker Nicholas RAS Furlong makes some serious accusations about where Weezy got the music for the Harry Belafonte-sampling song.

"Wow... so I'm playing a few ideas in the studio last month with Bangladesh in the room... Just now hearing Lil' Wayne's new single... Tell me why the same exact sample I used in one of those songs, this dude goes home and flips? Coincidence? No... #HelloBiter," Furlong tweeted.

A spokesperson for Bangladesh denies the rip completely.

"We don't even know who he is," Bangladesh's manager Deshawn Kennedy told Billboard, before adding more info on the beat's origin. "That beat was made back in June, so I can't understand how he can possibly say he gave us that beat last month. I have documentation from when beat was created."

Kennedy has attempted to contact Furlong to sort out the misunderstanding, but has yet to hear back from the producer. Kennedy continued that he wishes Furlong a lengthy career, considering the alleged proof that the manager possesses, he doesn't appreciate Furlong "making stories up to call attention to himself." As it stands, the accusatory tweets have now been deleted.