Lil Wayne "I Ain't Nervous" (ft. Boo)

Lil Wayne 'I Ain't Nervous' (ft. Boo)
Ahead of his still in-the-works I Am Not a Human Being 2, Lil Wayne has offered up a new number called "I Ain't Nervous." Maybe it's just the twitchy, digital AutoTune wobble on the song that's making us say this, but despite constantly being surrounded by "Good Kush and Alcohol," it sounds like Tunechi doth protest too much on the hook ("I swear to god, I ain't nervous").

Regardless, Weezy half-sings his way through the gauzy synth-and-bass jam with verses about getting serviced behind those Maybach curtains and letting god be the judge of whether or not his potty-talk is over the top.

You can stream the song, which may or may not pop up on I Am Not a Human Being 2, down below.