Lil Wayne "Hollyweezy" (video)

Lil Wayne 'Hollyweezy' (video)
Don't let the Weedmaps ad at the beginning fool you, Lil Wayne's new video for Sorry 4 the Wait 2 track "Hollyweezy" is more about growing up in New Orleans than getting a hold of some of that 4/20 green.

As you'll see down below, the video has Weezy rolling off autobiographical bars about growing up in NOLA's Hollygrove neighbourhood, with the rapper detailing shoot-em-ups on the block, car trips to Houston, and plenty of codeine, cocaine and pill-abusing activity.

Whether resting on the hood of a cherry red convertible, or rapping while being encumbered by lighting strikes, you'll find Weezy reminiscing about "running through hell" down below.