Lil Wayne "Fingers Hurting" (ILOVEMAKONNEN remix)

Lil Wayne 'Fingers Hurting' (ILOVEMAKONNEN remix)
Earlier this weekend, Lil Wayne shared a video titled "I'm So Sorry," which saw him deliver one minute of a new song. Now, the song has surfaced in full.

Called "Fingers Hurting," the track sees Weezy flex his lyrical muscles atop a Metro Boomin beat that initially backdropped ILOVEMAKONNEN's "Maneuvering."

Theoretically, Lil Wayne is doing a MAKONNEN impression here as he attempts to deliver his rhymes via some AutoTuned sing-rapping. Unfortunately, the melody is way off key. Either way, the song features some solid punchlines and sees Lil Wayne dissing the court system.

Listen to "Fingers Hurting" below. Sorry 4 the Wait 2 arrives on Tuesday, January 20.